Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The start of Kai's expedition...

            The morning chill made Kaiser reluctant to leave his bed, but with Ina’s son and Irek in mind, he eventually crawled out. Kai crept carefully past the sleeping bodies of his siblings and snuck past his parents room. He told them he would be out with Irek today helping him out, but his parents had inquired much more beyond that so he didn’t feel the need to worry them with details. He grabbed a shirt, his belt, some breakfast, and as an afterthought he grabbed the knife that usually sat in a drawer by the door. He could see the eastern horizon just starting to lighten with a pink glow. Kai hastened his pace into a bouncy lope as he left his crowded house behind and descended into the sleeping village.
            In front of the shop he saw smoke rising from the chimney and  a light inside. He entered softly, the place was lit up from the fireplace and Ina had hot berry tea and biscuits for them. Irek was sitting by the fireplace with Boer (a fellow farmer) and Ria, Irek’s daughter and apprentice. 
Boer, Ria & Irek

            “And not a second too late, my lad!” Boer greeted him cheerily as Kai accepted the tea and biscuit from Ina.
            Irek and Ria nodded at him and he smiled back before munching on the food.
            “Ina was just telling us exactly what her boy was doing on this trip!” Boer announced.
            Ina nodded and sat down with her own cup of tea, “Yes, he was going to Ourning and Estel villages to buy some items we needed to restock, but he never returned. He should’ve been back four days ago!”
            Boer nodded, “You know, he probably just got stuck chasing after a girl or something, but I’ll go cause I can see how worried y’are.”
            With warm bellies the four of them departed, leaving Ina wringing her paws in her skirt as the sun just barely crested the horizon.

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