Friday, January 18, 2013


The Tradeheights is no ordinary place. The miles coastline, most of it a sheer drop to the rocky, crashing sea below, was home to a string of towns and villages which had grown like weeds along the coast when Meurig Sheerwind was growing up. Friendly trade began just a few years before he was born into this world, trade to a place to the south that he hadd heard countless tales of: Firalia. Trade with Firalia changed the pace of life on the Tradeheights, and even deeper into this continent that the Firalians called Lyor (Meurig only called it home, however). Thousands moved here, and it became a town where most of the residents only dreamed of a little bit of gold in their paws.
It was this atmosphere that he grew up in and became adapted to. No one race dominated Tradeheights, there were owlcats like Meurig, creatures of the deep woods like the red squirrel tribesmen and the ferrets, strange lizards from Firalia, all types of griffins, dogbats, exotic sandy-coated foxes… All here for one purpose: to earn gold, silver and jewels in the trade of goods. Some were less reputable than others, but issues more serious than drunken brawls were almost unheard of.
The cliffs were steep , but trade was possible thanks to small boats that ran from the cliffs to the ships, and the  hand-pulled boxes that carried goods and creatures up to the clifftops. Meurig’s family ran a tavern in the town of Valyx providing him with a view of the creatures that passed through, from sailors and traders to mages and crafters. By the time Meurig reached his 17th year, he thought he’d seen it all. But he was wrong.

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