Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kaiser of the Moonflats: An Introduction

            He never wanted to be a hero, or a warrior, nor did he ever think that he would ever wield a sword. Kaiser Silverpoint would have been content to live the life his parents had, and their parents before them. They were farmers, gatherers, and occasionally, traders. He lived in the Moonflats, a land of meadows, gentle hills, flat prairie and sparse forest. Quiet streams wound their way lazily through in some areas, and swamps lived in some of the lowest places. This was the homeland of the jackalopes. They grew vegetables, grains, and some hardy fruit, they picked berries and nuts, made goods; baskets, cloth, carts, pottery. Their lives were busy, but peaceful.
            The Moonflats was dotted with villages which were connected by generations-old paths. Kai (as he was called by everyone) lived in Velvelin, towards the center of the Moonflats. There, he resided in his family’s ancient house with his parents and siblings, nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts. They all shared in that life, a growing prosperous people with a love of life and food and craft. That world was soon gone, in place of a frightening life of war and fighting. Kai hung up his farm tools in favor of a sword. He never wanted this.

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